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Three easy ways to get kids invested in writing and I'm giving you two of them

 "I want to write, I just don't know what to write about."

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Sometimes it's hard for kids to get invested in writing, especially if they feel they have nothing worthwhile to write about.  You know that once they get going they'll be fine, but it's getting them started that's the hard part.

I've created lists at the beginning of the year with students and had them go over those.  But have you ever had a student look at those and just shrug their shoulders?  Nothing seems relevant any longer, or interesting?

That's when I pull out these fun writing prompts!

Quick, fun writes that keep them off balance

These are guaranteed to make your students giggle a little.  My students enjoyed these, especially if we carved out time to share with each other.  I kept these short and sweet, so most students only had 2-3 paragraphs but it got the juices flowing for other kinds of writing on other days.

What's involved?  All you need is a board with four random words or phrases on it.  Three of them are covered up.  One is showing.  

A slide with the word "donut" on it and three other phrases covered up.

Students can write about anything they want but they have to include a donut in their story.  After a minute or two, you remove another shape to expose a second item that needs to be included.  And so on.  

Kids love it because it forces their stories to take some unexpected twists and turns.  That turns their creativity on!

Make them take a stand

  1. Everyone should be required to participate in sports.
  2. Warm weather is better than cold weather. 
  3. Sometimes it's okay to lie.

There are tons of statements that you can give students to take a position.  Not only are they learning persuasive/argumentative writing, but it makes them think more deeply about where they stand on an issue.  And maybe find some like-minded peers.

Use sentence stems

  1. It would be easier if
  2. I was surprised to discover that
  3. I knew it wasn't going to be an ordinary day when

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