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Explore the significance of Earth Day with your students

 What do you do when you want to recognize Earth Day but you don't have the time to take away from Reading and Writing instruction?  Especially in this month of high-stakes testing, that can be a challenge.

The Cover of a reading passage about the significance of Earth Day

I wrote this differentiated resource because I wanted something that wasn't as cute as passages for younger grades, but that honored the day.  And still required students to work on reading comprehension and thoughtful responses.

The ten questions following the passage require students to think about words in context, make inferences, and determine nonfiction text structure. A final short-answer question asks students to write persuasively about an Earth Day project they think should be implemented.  

Ways to Use It:

  • Print out the appropriate passage for each student and have them read it independently, completing the questions on their own.
  • Let students read the passage digitally and respond to the questions online or on paper.  
  • Read a version of the passage aloud with a group of students. Print the pages so students can follow along and have them complete the questions independently, with a partner, or in the small group.
  • Do some combination of the two! Use digital and PDF versions, knowing what your students need.

What You Get:

  • Two passages so you can differentiate for students' needs
  • 9 multiple-choice questions: words in context, making inferences, and nonfiction text structure
  • Short-answer question: students consider what Earth Day project they would do and why
  • Teacher directions
  • Digital and PDF versions
  • Answer key with sample answers

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