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Sixth graders writing unique myths about nature? Umm, yes!

"I like Percy Jackson but that's it."  

"I don't like myths or fables.

“Really?  What if you could write your own? ”
picture of Pegasus on a cliff with title - Sixth graders writing myths?  Yes!
That conversation started a creative close-to-the-end-of-the-year project that turned out to be a lot of fun.  It produced a wonderful writing sample for me, students had a lot of choices, and they had to get descriptive, learning the facts about natural events as they tried to create fiction around them.
 I provided them with guidelines and graphic organizers, and they presented their original nature myths to the class.  Some were in costume.  Others created the god/goddess/supernatural creature.  Some created movies.  Others performed.  
You know how some kids feel about writing?  Do they groan every time you mention it?  (Okay, maybe just for text-dependent analysis.)  They really enjoyed this!
They had created a myth with a developed plotline that had character development and resolved the conflict in a way that made sense.  Well done by them!  They used this Mythology Writing Unit to do it.
hands on keyboard with mythical background design

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