Jump into December with project based learning and some great ELA giveaways | Mentoring in the Middle

Jump into December with project based learning and some great ELA giveaways

Welcome to December, that exciting time filled with fun interruptions, and such high student energy that you're paddling as fast as you can just to keep your head above water!  

A duck paddling as fast as it can in the water doesn't have to be a teacher in December!

This Set Up a Gift-Wrap Stand Project Based Learning (PBL) is great for the weeks leading up to Christmas. What a great way to have students solve real-life math problems, read and respond to writing and grammar, and design ads, posters, and store signs! 

Project-based learning is a great way to let students be creative and academic, reviewing multiple skills in a fun, hands-on project.  It's perfect for 5th, 6th, and 7th graders.

Wrapped presents show how upper elementary and middle school students can create a giftwrap stand

Here's Why You'll Love it 

  • It's a great gift for your Math teaching partner - students work on this for a week = no lesson plans ðŸŽ
  • It's a great gift to yourself! ðŸ’
  • It's hands-on, which kids enjoy ðŸ‘
  • Allows for collaboration if you have students work with a partner or in small groups ðŸ™Œ
  • Students love being creative! ðŸŽ¨
8 Days of ELA Giveaways coming soon! 
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