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3 Fun and Creative Thanksgiving Activities for 6th Grade Students

 You've moved beyond Halloween but kids know there's another break coming up!  Here are 3 fun and creative Thanksgiving activities that keep nurturing the skills you're working on with your students right now.  Perfect for those days when there's so much on your plate!  And they're all ON SALE now!

This ELA Activities bundle is perfect for centers, individual or partner work, or early finishers.  Are you facing a lot of interruptions this month?  Then click on this perfect ELA review that can be picked up and put down at random times.  

My students always enjoyed chances to color and to work on crossword or word search puzzles.

Kids love finding ways to keep the turkey from being stuffed for Thanksgiving!  She's been losing weight for six months now, and she doesn't want to break her record.  Stuffing has too much bread and she's got gluten problems.  His favorite football jersey won't stretch over his big belly.

Everything you need to get kids smiling and writing (how often do you see those two words together?) is included!

This bundle includes the two previous resources and also a reading log for Thanksgiving break.  Let your students choose where and how they want to read.  Then, celebrate with apple cider and pretzels when they come back to school!

And the best part?  These resources are on sale for the next 48 hours!

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