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A great way to end the year with these memory makers!

 I was struck by how expensive yearbooks were.  I got it - they require a lot of individual printing, but I felt badly for kids who couldn't afford them.  Which in my class, was probably 2/3 of them.  

So I created this and printed out copies for them.

Smiling students behind the cover of the Memory book.

It was a fun way for them to reflect back on the school year, and it contained enough pages for those all-important autographs!  In 6th grade, those are some of the most critical pages!

It lets them write down their favorite:

  • top 10 songs
  • 9 overall activities
  • 8 activities in a routine day
  • 7 things they learned
  • 6 areas where they improved
  • 5 of their favorite books
  • 4 pieces of advice
  • 3 friends
  • 2 things they liked best about their teacher
  • 1 thing they hope to do next year
You can take a closer look here.
Smiling students behind two End of the Year Awards

I was surprised by how much students looked forward to these.  They couldn't wait to get them!  Take a look at them here.

Have a great week, my friends!

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