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Fun brain-teasers that are good for days with interruptions

 You need to keep that structure in place until the last week (day?) of school, am I right?  Here's the good news: there are ways to keep students engaged, reviewing skills, and having fun even when you have days with lots of interruptions.  

Every time I turned around at this time of the year, it felt like there was another kickball challenge from a neighboring classroom or a Minute to Win It 6th-grade event.  Yearbook signings, class picnics, and concerts rounded out our days.

It's all good stuff!  However, I found that many of my students behaved better when there still was some structure to our days.  So, I set about to create short, academic, fun activities that kept them engaged and on task.  

Even on days with interruptions.  

✅ Especially on days with interruptions!

They could work on these logic puzzles alone, with a partner, or in a small group.  Three kids were my limit unless they worked in a small group that I supervised.

🧠Logic puzzles are good on so many levels!  They encourage kids to be systematic in their thinking, they require inferences and following directions.  They are challenging and fun!  The logic puzzles in this bundled resource are differentiated.  Your students can do them all, or you can select which students get which ones.

There are easy directions and a sample puzzle to solve so students (and you) know how to do them.  Go over that simple one with them, then let them go and see what they can solve!  And there's an Answer Key, so you've got a quick guide to help you if someone gets stuck.

Take a closer look at these and see if they're perfect for your upper elementary students, too!

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