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What are you reading? linky

Many of my good ideas start here.  Yup.  In the shower.

I was thinking about all things Donalynn Miller, having just finished The Book Whisperer the other day.  It's a worthwhile read, if you haven't read it. 
I've tweaked a couple of things that I use regularly in my classroom after finishing her book, and I want to write about them, but that will come later.

But while I was in the shower, I was thinking about having finished this book yesterday (I love summer when I can catch up on reading!)
I had brought this book home to read over the summer because a couple of my students had read some books by Peg Kehret.  I started yesterday afternoon.  And finished this morning.  What a book!  I had tears in my eyes a couple of times as I thought about how scared she must have been.  To go from running around one moment to paralyzed from the neck down?  And to know that, at the time, there were no cures, and minimal understanding of how to help those who contracted the virus?

This is a book I will tell my students about.  I'm even thinking I may do a "Peg Kehret" display, with this book and a number of her fiction books.  Because of course I had to buy these books!

So, all of that got me thinking.  What books are other bloggers reading that are good reads?  It can be something that you're reading for your class, or something that you're reading for fun.  Like this one that I'm going to start for my book club reading-it's time to move to some "grownup" books:

Here's where you come in.  What are you reading right now?  Link up and share!  There are lots of good books out there that we can help each other learn about - for ourselves and for our students.  So, with apologies to all graphic designer, and with thanks to Tracee Orman and mycutegraphics.com, here's your chance to link up!

Remember the rule of three and comment on those around you.

And now, let me actually add the linky button, since I forgot the first time around!  

Happy reading!


  1. I love Peg Kehret's books. Her books are my go-to books for my kiddos that like adventure and suspense.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I loved The Book Whisperer myself. You should join in on my blog where I'm having teachers discuss how they plan on using the ideas from the book in their own classroom. http://sixthgradetales.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-book-whisperer-project.html

    Have a great summer!

    1. Thanks, Jamie. I'd be delighted to do that - it's such a great book!