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I'm tired and I haven't seen my kids yet!

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching and her wonderful Five for Friday.  I had planned to take pictures on Tuesday, when I came back to school officially, and today, just to show you the before and after.  But I was rushing around so much the first two days that I only took one.  But you get the general idea.
Continuing with the classroom theme - since that's where I all week....
The bulletin board on the right is filled with of pictures of book covers, a visual reminder for kids about all the good books that are waiting to be read.  The left side is for our anthology; computers are ready, and one of my two tubs of pillows - washed, dried in the sun, and smelling ever-so-fresh (the pillows, not the tub) - all waiting for Monday and many eager young 'uns!

I have to show this because I've posted about the many, many books which last year's students moved from my old classroom to this one.  They were left on the shelves, according to my directions - "Just put them anywhere you find space."  And so they did.

But the other reason is because I saw an idea on someone's blog?  on Pinterest?  about using big binder clips on each shelf to label the genre.  I liked that better than the signs I'd previously usedi, with arrows pointing to multiple shelves.  This way, each shelf has a label.  It makes returning the books a little easier for the kids, I hope.
My husband got a call at 4:15 a.m. yesterday morning.  His office had been hit by lightening and the fire department needed him to get there immediately.  So he got dressed and drove the 45 minutes to see what had happened.
I, on the other hand,  woke up early, wondered why he wasn't in bed, and wandered around the house looking for him.  When I couldn't find him, I went down to the garage to see if his car was still there. I thought that was odd that it was gone.  It was only when I walked back into the kitchen and saw the note he left me that I called him.  It turns out there was only a little smoke damage and everything was fine.  But we both got a laugh about me being back in "school" sleep mode.  I NEVER heard the phone call.  I NEVER heard him get out of bed.  I NEVER heard him get dressed or brush his teeth or tiptoe out of the room.  At this point, you could drive a truck through my bedroom and I'd never hear it.  Good thing I never told my kids when they were teenagers!

"My name is Marion, and I'm a Candy Crush addict."  I don't mean to make light of people who truly struggle with addictions, but what is it about this game?  I am NOT a gamer; I don't play video games (except when my son invites me, which is rare, because I'm not good).  I tried to play Words with Friends, but I kept forgetting to respond to my friends.  I don't have a Wii, an XBox, or a Play Station. But this game has me totally hooked!  And what is it?  A fancy version of Tic-Tac-Toe, with more colors and sounds.  Why should it be so tempting?  So hard to put down?

Anyone else feel like they need to get their daily fix?  C'mon, 'fess up!

And have a great weekend!

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  1. I am a Candy Crush addict as well. There are levels that make me so mad because it takes me forever to beat them but I can't stop playing!

    I know what you mean about "school sleep." It is all I can do to stay up until 10 on a school night. Most nights I want to go to bed at 8!

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