Is there a time warp in my room? | Mentoring in the Middle

Is there a time warp in my room?

Am I the only person who goes into her classroom with a list of things to do, and walk out hours later, having only accomplished a couple of them?  Now, I moved my room this year, so I knew I'd have some work to do.  But my, oh my!
At the end of the year, I just had my students carry down all the books and put them on shelves.  Just look at this!  This is my largest bookcase, which I am very, very grateful to have.  But it needs just a little organization, ya think?  I found this idea on Pinterest for using binder clips on each shelf, with a label noting the genre.  I forgot to take a picture, but I like the way it looks and works.

Then I got these up - I have about a dozen words that I'm just not going to allow students to misspell anymore. 

I thought I'd get to this bulletin board.  Not a chance.
But I did get a ton of laminating done, including these genre cards that I want to use with my students.

So....what was I reminded about?  Well, it always takes about five times longer to do things than I think.  Four hours in the classroom? Okay, some of it, catching up with other teachers in the building?  Yeah, barely made a dent.  In fact, I left the room messier than when I walked in.

Guess that means I'll be spending a few more days there in the next two weeks before we return to school!
How about you?  How are things looking in your room?  Do you get everything done on your list when you show up to work in your room?


  1. My room always looks worse before it looks better. I love your large bookshelf!

    1. That's true! I went back in yesterday and got the shelves organized and labeled by genre. I feel much better now!