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Take A Shelfie: Restart by Gordon Korman

If you could make yourself over - starting from scratch - what would you change about yourself?

That's the underlying premise of this Gordon Korman novel, except that Chase doesn't get a choice.  He falls off the roof.  In addition to a concussion and a separated left shoulder, he's got amnesia.

Which means he doesn't remember what a jerk he used to be.  How he, and his two best friends, Bear and Aaron, used to terrorize the entire school using their football-playing skills against any weaker students.  As he learns about his previous behavior, the "new" Chase is horrified, but understandingly, finds few people who trust that he's changed for the long term.

Especially Shoshona Weber, whose twin brother Joel is now attending a boarding school, having suffered horribly at the hands of Chase and his cronies the previous year.  Until she and Chase start working together on a video project for a national competition.

Although there is a happier ending, the characters don't get there without some struggles, rejection, and self-doubt.  There are just enough twists and turns in the plot and in character development to make this book interesting to both boys and girls.  With the exception of Chase's father who felt a little one-dimensional to me (which made his change at the end less convincing) the other characters are pretty believable.

I think your upper elementary and middle grade students will enjoy this book!  If you like, you can purchase the book through the link below.  (I am an amazon affiliate, so if you purchase the book through this link, I earn a few pennies.)

What book are you reading right now that your students will enjoy?

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