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Take a Shelfie: House Arrest by K.A. Holt

Have you ever done something that you thought would help someone?  Only the thing you did went all wrong?  Maybe, because you hadn't really thought it through.  Maybe because it was impulsive and stupid?  And now you regret it so, so, so much?

That's the circumstance that got Timothy on house arrest in the book by the same name by K.A. Holt.  Timothy's not a bad kid; he just made a stupid decision and he can't even tell you what he was thinking about when he did it.

In this novel-in-verse, written in 1st person, you learn about everything that changed when Levi, his little brother was born.  Levi, who couldn't breathe and needed a tracheotomy.  Levi, whose father couldn't handle this new life and left the family.  Levi, who needed nurses to care for him while his mother worked.  Levi, whom Timothy tried to hate.  But how can you hate a little baby?

This fast-paced book is filled with the dramatic realities that a new baby with physical needs places on a family.  Especially a family reeling from their father/husband leaving.  Timothy needs to keep a journal, required by the court, and that's where you learn what he's thinking and how hard he's trying to help out.  Even when it means stealing someone's wallet.

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