11 Official Book Trailers that will Keep your Students Reading

"I finished my book and I don't have anything else good to read."  "I don't know what to read next."
Now that your students are reading books remotely, it's become a Reading teacher's challenge to book-talk with them whenever we can.  For me personally, it's taken a long time to get some of my students enjoying books and I don't want to lose that momentum now that we're not together every day.

Here are some books that my students have enjoyed that your students might also.  Click on the pictures to get the pdf version. It has youtube links to the official book trailers for each of the books.


Here are a couple of easily accessible places for students to look for books online.  
  1. Audible is now free for children's book until June 30th
  2. Google Books lets you download pdfs for many books
  3. Libby from your public library (or whatever your library's app is called)
  4. SORA/Overdrive through your school library

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