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Free Quick Writing Prompts that Engage Your Students

Almost a month into distance learning and I'm still learning what my students can and can't do.  Last week, I found myself like this on one particular day..... which point I decided it was time to get back to basics.  Getting kids to navigate the internet to places they'd been to only once or twice before just wasn't cutting it.  I began to appreciate how much of a helping community we'd built - students helping students - and many times helping me as we all navigated new territory.
I've always been a "jump into the deep end of the pool" kind of teacher, willing to try new things and trusting that we'd figure out the details as we went along.  And that had worked pretty well.

Except now.
When we're not together to figure things out.

So, I began to create smaller writing prompts that were fun and could give kids a sense of success.  I wrote about the sensory ones in a previous blog post (with a freebie) here.

Students enjoyed them a lot, so I created these that took them to short video clips, on tours of the world, and watching book trailers (which I wrote about here.)

You can grab the freebie by clicking here or on the picture.

You can find the complete product in my TpT store by clicking here or on the cover.  

You can also find the sensory writing prompts here.

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